With whoops of delight they tried not to run

But the pull of the field and the feel of the sun

Meant they just couldn’t wait to start having fun


With each other.



As the balls were kicked skywards or into the trees

Nothing was better than lunchtimes like these

Until Susie came crying with blood on her knees


With her brother.



So a healing poultice is quickly applied

Whilst the brother and sister collectively sighed

They hoped upon hope the world would not collide


With another.



Everything’s silent,

Everyone’s still.

Nothing is moving at all.


Hands over mouths,

Eyes open wide,

Then out of the trees rolls a ball…



It started off slowly,

A shuffle, a stumble,

The children watched on as they saw

A dozen young zombies,

Some girls, some boys,

Emerge like a team through the haw.


Susie felt better and braver than most

As she cautiously kicked the ball to a ghost

“For that’s all zombies are!” she started to boast


Without bother.



“It’s clear,” Susie called, “That they want to play,”

“That is impossible! Football? No way!”

So he chose to leave and instead went to stay


With his mother.


The match gathered pace,

Where the zombies had none,

And so were easily beaten.

The children passed well,

But their greatest skill proved

Being able to avoid getting eaten .


zombie_soccer_player__female_by_gavinacademy-d81dto6History was made on the field that day as the zombies took on the school team.

The football discarded just two minutes in – zombies aren’t as robust as they seem…







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