The Birds in Haiku

Give me my favourite film, a laptop and my Twitter account and I’ll give you Haikus…





Two leaning love-birds, in Tippi Hedren’s front seat, I’m watching The Birds.

Old films. Stunning film stars. Impossibly gorgeous. I wish I was alive back then. Ah well.



Bodega Bay school, Cathy is singing a song. Watch the climbing frame…


Boo Annie is dead. Cathy is safe but still sad. Mitch is a bit of a dick.


Lydia is odd. Cathy is sick and crying. Melanie is scared.

Oh God. It’s getting bad. Now all the lights have failed. Oh no Mitch, they have not ‘gone’ yet. No Mel!



She cannot get out, she’s overwhelmed by the birds. Melanie looks dead.

images (1)

Carefully does it, get her to the hospital. DON’T BRING THE LOVE BIRDS!

The end. Not very clear. Why did the birds attack? Were they just heavily pissed off? Who knows?


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