I Don’t Like…


Fleas don’t please, lice aren’t nice
and I’m not sure why we need stick insects…
A clown makes me frown, and a man in a dressing gown
and I’m not too struck on over formed pects…

A glory seeking Tory with an over-privileged story,
A fame seeking wannabe with an under-privileged story,
A second rate musician with a *sob sob* story…

Engaging in small talk whilst sat in the chair
At the place where they expertly colour my hair,
Chick-Lit too makes me feel kinda meh…

That may be unkind
as I don’t really read ’em.
So I guess I don’t mind
and we probably need ’em.
(Just to make us feel better about our own lives…)

Oh, and,

I can’t stand litter, or people who’re bitter and I don’t really get the point of Uggs (sorry Gem…),
Caffeine-free coffees, and those flat ‘Penny Toffees’, actually Quality Street in general – I don’t like them…

Can’t stand ignorance,
Not keen on arrogance,
And all that self-importance
Is a complete and utter farce.

Can’t stand racism,
Not keen on creationism,
And you can shove your chauvinism
Right up your arse! *Ahem* (So ladylike…)



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