I Like…


Coffee in the morning, loud music whilst I’m tidying, old Jimmy Stewart films, cuddles from my cats,

The hoot of an owl, art that makes me smile, a starry night sky, various hats,

Books all around me, a pot of Earl Grey tea, a cold bed to climb into, mother/son talks,

Doors that go nowhere, the smell of my clean hair, a freshly laundered nightdress, woodland walks,

stretching, singing, dancing, Spring, reading,

Old ladies jewellery, my husband’s arms around me, a ‘real ale’ pub, phone calls from Grace,

The sound of my old albums, Sunday roasts at my mum’s, half terms from uni, Bath at night is ace,

bonfires, Hallowe’en, fairytales, writing, Christmas,

Driving somewhere I don’t know, walking hand in hand through snow, dressing up for pleasure, poking ’round in old junk shops,

The smell of old and new books, the hoodlum look of rooks, pie and mash lunch, a Nick Cave song that never stops.


“Krähe” – by Rudi Hurzlmeier



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