Diary, Morning Ramblings

Two Days



Muggy night, in spite of the constant rainfall. I’m quite glad to be getting up and dressed for work. Time in the morning goes so much quicker, before I know it it’s 8 and I need to get my lunch sorted. Gabe’s in the shower. Always aiming to leave by 8.15: seldom managing it. Gym kit packed, lunch done. Glasses, phone, iPod. Out of the door – with hat on. It’s 8.22.

Skip through the next three tracks to something jollier. Then Martha serenades us with Dirty Mother Fucking Arsehole. Not skipping that one. Game skips though; out of the car on Wells Road with a hearty, ‘See ya!’ 8.37. That’s the gate closed then. Thankfully the padlock’s open. Man, this rain is depressing. What happened to the summer? Grabbing all I need, I struggle out of the car. I feel quite good today – CL’s going to do well in his SAT’s, the storm will come and clear the sky and I will rock at the gym. But first; coffee.



Odd not to be getting Gabe up this morning. I hope he’ll be alright, he looked so hurt and bereft when I dropped him at Lois’. He’s young and he did get three months work experience, a decent wardrobe and some self worth, though I appreciate that that’s taken a bit of a beating. I didn’t want him to progress in a finance company. He’s too creative. Which is pretty much what his bosses saw in him.

Gym kit, lunch. Nige’ll drop me off. I’m holding us up, then Nige decides to look for the garage key. ‘Come on!’ I hat being late. We pull off at 8.32. Traffic’s fine. Nige and I are discussing our little lad’s predicament. He doesn’t understand Gabe’s reluctance to sign on. As he gets passionate about the topic he slows down. ‘Come on!’ I should end the conversation but I have something to say – 8.40. I’m going to be late anyway…

“The government and media have done an excellent job of vilifying those who claim dole, it’s seen as abhorrent these days. Wrong, I know, but what can you do?”

My piece said, normal pace is resumed. I hastily kiss Nige and fly out of the car. It’s 8.47. Shit.


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