My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Friday, 2nd


Awoke to a hairy, smelly face purring in my ear! Not sure where the cat was – boom, boom… Aha, ’twas lovely to have Eccles on the bed with us, all cosy and settled. That was until Nige got up for a wee, and then me. Cue the ‘feed me chorus’. As it was 7am I reluctantly followed our noisy tenant downstairs to the kitchen and fed him. With eyes barely open, I stumbled back up to bed to catch a few more zeds. I most have been tired and didn’t wake again until quarter past 9. I panicked that I hadn’t given Nige his Temozolomide (due at 9-9.15am) and so rushed downstairs. I needn’t have worried, he’s more than capable of sorting out his own meds, especially when my diary, with all the timings written down, lives on the coffee table. He even reminded me that his bloods needed doing today. Good job as I hadn’t even thought about that this week.

Again, radiotherapy was at 10.24am. We didn’t even get to the waiting room as the nurse was ready for him as we entered. Excellent. It’s been like that all week actually, very prompt. I walked on round to the waiting room, said good morning to everyone and sat down. One of the blokes there started talking about a new treatment for prostate cancer in the states.

“We don’t get anything over here. We’re left to die, given treatment to control the pain, while they’ve got access to all kinds of cures.”

I thought about THC; legal in many countries but not here. You’re bloody right, I thought, it’s a travesty. The guy he was talking to added,

“They won’t do anything here until there’s been a three year trial. Despite the trials that have been done over there…”

It isn’t right is it? Surely a trial is a trial. I was trying to start my book for Book Group, The Gap in Time, but was too busy eavesdropping. By the time my puffed-face man returned I’d barely read the first page. Off to get his bloods done. As we’re at the halfway mark there were a few more tests needed, sugar levels I think.

Home and time for breakfast and coffee. A migraine had already set in and the coffee wasn’t enough to shift it. Nige was tired and went up for a nap. I tidied the front room, made a doctors appointment and got down the rest of the Christmas decorations. I promised him I’d be done by the time he got up…

Nige slept for hours! Plenty of time for me to do my chores… You’d have thought so, wouldn’t you? I only had the decorating to finish which, in between taking Ali to work and picking her up, was done to an excellent standard. Oh, and I rustled up a beautiful vegetable soup packed with winter vegetables. Harry provided dessert and the wine I’m shortly going to open, was a gift from mum. Good old mum.



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