My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Thursday, 1st


Eccles meowed us awake at 6am, I hobbled downstairs to put him out! Really, you’d think he’d have adjusted to the hour change by now. I noted that there was no need to have done the Advent Calendars last night as no one, other than us, surfaces much before mid-day, then smiled because they looked so festive and cosy.

Radiotherapy at 10.24am. Nige is feeling particularly anxious at the moment. This is largely due to the visit from a ‘friend’ on Tuesday and the unfortunate, unacceptable and cowardly outcome of it all. In short, the debt owed to us by him won’t be paid. Just like that. It’s not an unsubstantial amount either and was quite critical to us being able to manage. This seems to be a theme with Nige, although, up until now, it’s always been his family who believe they can take, take, take. You choose your friends though, so this is a particularly low-blow.

In an effort to perk up his spirits, I took us both over to Asda. Nothing cheers Nige up quite like a jaunt around a supermarket. We dropped Gabe off in town en route. He’d decided to look for a job finally – yay!

“I’ll drop my CV into The Raven, Saracen’s Head and The Salamander because they’re the coolest pubs in Bath.”

He has a very exact criteria for work placement… Asda was pleasant, not at all as packed as I thought it would be, but Nige wasn’t really in the mood so we left with just a couple of tubs of chocolate and some Christmas baubles.

Gabe was home by the time we returned. I asked how he got on,

“I got a job! At The Raven!!”

Jammy sod, isn’t he? He starts on Saturday. Apparently the manager looked at him and said he was exactly what they’re looking for… Nige was delighted. The first time he’s properly smiled all week.


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