My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Saturday, 3rd


Aargh, that cat – thankfully Nige was awake and happy to get up. I think a week of late breakfasts has taken its toll; I could smell the toast before the coffee and I bet there was a bowl of Weetabix before that! I dozed off for an hour or so more, up by 9am and ready to take Gabe into town for half past. He starts his new job today, 9.45 until 6pm. It’s a busy day in Bath too, what with the Christmas Market and the rugby… he’ll be an expert at pulling pints by the time he gets home!

Nige wrote out the shopping list, took his Temozolomide and we both set off for jolly old Morrisons. It was surprisingly empty actually. I hate supermarkets and at Christmas they fill me with dread but today was fun, especially as Harry was waiting at home to help us up the steps with the millions of bags!

During my usual perusal of Facebook, I came across this:


Last night a friend of mine, well more an acquaintance really as I don’t know her too well yet, gifted Nige and I a massage. So unbelievably kind and thoughtful of her and, although initially a bit wary, I happily accepted. Anyway, I checked out the Facebook Page of the masseuse, and found this Kindness Advent Calendar. Now, obviously I’m a few days late so I’ll have to fulfil the first acts out of date order but I will – honest!

I picked an exhilarated, tired but happy Gabe up from the fountain just after 6pm. Harry said he and Ali tried to pop into The Raven earlier but it was so packed, they couldn’t see him! He was all intact though so it couldn’t have been that bad. I just loved seeing him so alive, buzzing with purpose and drive. Never underestimate the power of appreciation. That’s what employment gives you, people, self esteem.

So a positive Saturday all round then, we knew the week had to get better… Oh, and we won the rugby.


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