My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Sunday, 4th


Yep, Eccles woke us up, as per usual… and Nige got up first to feed him (and himself) before bringing me up a coffee. I love our familiar morning ritual. Back in September, before we knew what was causing the headaches, disorientation and memory loss, it felt as if our whole world was unravelling and it was the loss of these moments – coffee in bed, watching the birds and squirrels through the window and listening to radio 4 Extra – that truly broke my heart. Now we know what we’re dealing with, and the treatment’s underway, we have our normality back. Sort of. It’s true to say that things are scarier when you don’t know what they are; knowledge is all.

After our gentle start to the day we got ourselves ready for a trip to Nick’s. I wanted to stop off at TK Maxx on the way, to finally break the back of the Christmas present shopping. So enjoyable and not too busy either. More to the point, I got three gifts sorted – result. We got to Quemerford for about half one. I think we underestimate how important just chatting to others actually is. We spent almost three hours talking the talk, drinking the coffee and generally soaking up their positivity – kind of like a petrol station for the soul. I was sorry we had to leave, truth be told.

Home in the dark, before 5! It’s got cold again and as I drove through Winsley, a mist started in. Winter is definitely here. We put the windscreen cover on Alice and noted the fine layer of frost on the steps – thank goodness we have the handrail!

Everyone was in so Nige cracked on with dinner whilst I hunted for the sellotape – HARRY!! I only managed to wrap one gift (I have the attention span of a gnat) before dinner. I suppose I should do the others now but I’m doing this so… And it’s the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ finale.

An evening spent sat side by side, sharing fruit, watching telly and just being us, Mr and Mrs Lee on a Sunday night.


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