My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Monday, 5th


I did think the alarm clock would beat the cat’s meows but nooooo… I got up and made him wait until I’d made my coffee before feeding him. Honestly, he has biscuits in his bowl over night so he’s not starving. I have a theory that he’s actually telling us about his adventures during the night; “Mum, dad, you’ll never guess what I did last night… Mum! Dad! Guess what I did last night? Go on, go on, go on…!!” and so it goes. Me telling him to shut up isn’t doing his self esteem the slightest bit of good is it?

Ali had her induction day at work today. It meant an 8.30 start, 4pm finish and then her normal shift from 4.30 to 7.30 – long day, poor love. Radiotherapy was at 10.24 so after dropping Ali off we went into town. I really wanted to get Harry’s waistcoat but they didn’t have it. I’ll have to do it online. We also had a fruitless wander around TK Maxx (no Lalaloopsy dolls) where Nige had to, surreptitiously, take his Temozolomide. He managed to get paper for the printer on our way back to the car though, and the walk around town in the fresh, arctic air, definitely did him some good.

We got back to the RUH in plenty of time, which meant Nige was seen early. There weren’t too many there today and so I think everyone was being seen ahead of schedule. It truly is Christmas! We were ravenous when we got home – well, I was. Nige was too but he was also tired so, after a small cereal, he tucked himself back up in bed. I tucked into some smoked salmon and poached eggs.

Gabe worked from 1 until 8pm. I dropped him at the fountain and came on home to wrap more presents. Thankfully Marianne knocked on the door before I could get started – phew! She’d been to a quilters crafty thing in Batheaston and bought me a lovely little bird for my tree. More than that, when I asked her about taking part in a charity hike for Macmillan, she readily accepted, saying that her and her sisters were interested already and would be happy to include me – how cool is that! So next July we’ll be doing the Cotswold Way Mighty Hike all for the awesomely splendid Macmillan.

Speaking of Macmillan, I rang them again today. I spoke to Karen Gough who I am now completely in love with as I believe she’ll make everything better… well, everything to do with the job centre and the EMA debacle. I got off the phone feeling quite euphoric, which is novel. I’m not an idiot though, meaning, well, we’ll see.

I picked a shattered Ali up at 7.30, came home, dropped them off, sat down for 5 minutes and then went to pick up Gabe from the fountain. He looked happy and fulfilled, which made me happy and fulfilled. This is the kind of ‘living through your children’ that’s acceptable, unlike the ‘force them on a stage to dance, dance, dance into a hateful career that I never had’ kind.

A busy day then, with spells of rest for us both. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think we’re coping admirably. I do hope these snippets of our daily life go some way to relieve the concerns of our nearest and dearest. I am so blessed with the friends, family and strangers who have actively, purposely placed themselves beside me and mine to enable us all to stand upright. Let’s face it, no one wants to be dragging themselves into an uncertain future. Stand tall, at least then we can see where the fuck we’re going!


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