My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Tuesday, 6th


We sat up watching ‘The Walking Dead’ last night so even I was shattered this morning. I’m of the opinion that Eccles does nothing with his nights; no clandestine meetings with felines of the opposite sex, no rumbles in the jungle with badgers or squirrels, no stealing into other houses along the road to look for goodies… He just waits until the house comes awake (usually Nige staggering to the loo) at about 5.30 and remembers he’s hungry. Then it’s a full on assault on us all!

ME-OW, ME-OW, ME-OW, ME-OW *scratch, scratch, scratch* ME-OW, ME-OW, ME-OW, ME-OW

Radiotherapy at 9.54am. I felt much more awake as soon as I stepped out of the front door. Good job really, as those steps are steep. Both machines were running on time again, no delays which makes everybody happy. I was chatting to a couple who are there a lot and I’ve spoken to before, but I can’t tell you what their names are. Anyway, they live in Batheaston but had lived for, like, ever, in Bathampton. She used to work in the village Post Office too… Small world, eh? We nattered on about Clevedon Baths and the Smarts who used to be our landlords when we lived in Batheaston – marvellous. I still don’t know their names though. And they never asked me mine…

On our way out, a guy was having a go at a lady in her unnecessarily huge car. She was just sat, parked, if you will, on the car park exit! So no one could go round her to leave, they just had to sit and wait for whatever she was waiting for… Having her mobile up against her ear constantly didn’t help her cause either. The guy in the car behind got out and went to her window to ask her, quite rationally, to move, pointing out that she was blocking the exit. No deal: she completely blanked him, sat there in her sodding tank. Berating her for being on her phone, he then calmly took his phone out and took a photo. I’m not sure what he wanted the picture for, I think it was to make some kind of point… Not so much ‘road rage’ as ‘road mind-games’ really. Very sedate actually.

Home for breakfast and coffee. Nige took one up to Gabe on his way to bed. It does annoy him that he wants a nap but I welcome it. I think when you read the list of side effects with radiotherapy and oral chemotherapy, tiredness and taste changes are the absolute least of them. I am amazed at how well Nige is dealing with all of this, he’s fast becoming my idol! Whilst he slept, I got a call from Alex at the Job Centre in Bath. He’d been talking about our case with Karen and rang to ensure me that he was dealing with it all now. I felt so relieved, hopefully we’re on our way to getting this bloody New Style EMA shit sorted out! So it was with a spring in my step and light in my heart that I drove Gabe to the fountain. I found a parking space and so took the opportunity to have a little rummage through the charity shop goodies on Pulteney Bridge. The weather was a bit drizzly and I didn’t feel very inspired but I did manage to buy my £1 Secret Santa gift for Book Group next Monday. Another job done then.

This afternoon Nige worked on our Christmas card. He kept it simple and I think it perfectly sums up this year for us. He’s a clever man. That done, he carried on with his hugely complicated board game – see, told you he’s clever. I produced an amazing vegetable soup so, yeah, I’m quite clever too… Ha, ha!

This evening, after his shower, I noticed that Nige’s hair had started it’s evacuation from his head. Par for the course, I know but still, a bit sad, don’t you think? Although it’ll look fine, once I level it all out and it does indicate that the Temozolomide is doing it’s job. Maybe sad isn’t the right word at all. Maybe we should call it progress.


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