My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Wednesday, 7th


Eccles was beaten by Radio 4 Extra! As soon as he heard Tracy-Ann Oberman as The Attractive Young Rabbi though, he serenaded us all with a chorus of meows… I got up, leaving Nige in bed with a headache. It always worries me when he says he has a headache and I instinctively come back with a barrage of questions like, ‘Is it different to a normal headache?’ ‘Whereabouts?’ and ‘Do you want me call anyone?’ Such is our lot I suppose. Today it was just a ‘light’ headache on the left side and ‘No, I’ll just have some Paracetamol.’ So it was me who fed the cat and made the coffee this morning. Radiotherapy wasn’t until the afternoon today so Nige was able to have breakfast! I made him two slices of toast; one with jam, one with marmalade and left him in bed to chomp away at his leisure.

I got ready for my doctor’s appointment at 9.30, in Bathampton. I drove down with the Standard Life form we need filling in. Dr Brooks was more than happy to oblige though there’s likely to be a £35 charge… (I’m pulling a face right now if you can’t tell). He then asked if everything else was okay. Well, I started to tell him that since this bloke decided he wasn’t paying him anymore, Nige has been experiencing some memory loss, coincidentally the same symptoms he presented with at the beginning of all this. Then, as now, Nige was extremely stressed about this guy. Twat. Anyway, it must have been talking about how it all started that got me so upset. I sat there, sobbing like a baby and unable to speak. I stopped long enough to explain, I blubbed, ‘Sorry, I don’t cry normally!’ He didn’t point at me and laugh at me, he just handed me the tissues. Deep breathe Lise. We talked it through, and he felt that it’s unrelated, just as it was unrelated back then. A bizarre coincidence, maybe, but it’s not helping his peace of mind. I had a very teary drive home, cried a little whilst I cleared away the breakfast things and then saw my brand new kettle… Ahhh, shiny!

Gabe started work at 12 today, so after hoovering the front room and kitchen, I drove him down to the fountain. I was back in plenty of time to give Nige his Temozolomide at 12.30. Radiotherapy was at 1.36pm, are latest appointment time, and we were surprised to see a few of our morning cohorts there too. Apparently one of the machines – LA3 – was being serviced so everyone was on LA2. Despite that, they were only running ten minutes late, which is pretty good I think. Whilst Nige got his treatment I sat listening to a poor old gentleman in the small room next to our waiting room. He’s been in every day this week and each time is so very distressed.

‘My head, my head, my head! Please! Please help! Help, help, help me, I can’t stand it…!’

The staff and his carer did a wonderful job calming him down. It was ‘all hands on deck’ for a moment, the precise moment a sweet couple picked to try and change one of their appointment times…

‘So look, look! They’re changing this one to 10.30…’

‘Oh, that’s fine, we can do that! That’s fine, fine oh! No! I’m singing!!’

I don’t think they noticed that anything was going on at all. Aren’t people wonderful? Truly, this Radiotherapy Department affects each and every one of us in such a myriad of ways, it cannot fail to enrich your life. Nige remembered to ask about his headache. They feel he needs to drink more water. He asked about when he’d have a CT scan next. They’re not sure but think it’ll be January, after he’s rested a bit from the radiotherapy. He also mentioned his hair loss. Apparently it’s the radiotherapy that’s done it, not the chemo… Which makes sense as it’s only on that side of his head.

I picked up milk and tonic water on the way to the fountain to fetch Gabe at 7pm. He didn’t get there until gone quarter past though, I thought I was going to be late for Ali! However, we got there with a minute or so to spare. While we ate our dinner, Ali and I found her sister’s Etsy shop, marshmallowmilk. There’s some stunning pieces of art on there, really beautiful. Good job really, or it could’ve made for some pretty awkward after dinner conversation!



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