My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Thursday, 8th


Well, yes, of course the cat learned from his error yesterday and started his meows a good ten minutes before the alarm went off. Bless him… We had an early start so there was no real loss. Temozolomide at 7.30am, out of the door by about 8.20am, yawning all the way. It’s not that early to be fair, it’s just we exist on an awful lot less sleep than we used to!

The drive over to the RUH was hideous. Nose to tail all along Weston Road, onto Weston Lane with massive cars, too big for the road, carrying one small child each to King Edward’s School. None of them could fit in the tiny car park, half could barely get through the gateway! Talk about stressful, seriously, if you start your day like that everyday, you are not enjoying life to its full. Slow down, look around you, smell the roses (or the coffee), just bloody walk. Anyway, I’m not judging, I’m just shocked and a bit saddened that that’s what choice has bought them. At least I’ll know what to expect tomorrow…

Straight in and out today. It was nice to be done early and the traffic wasn’t nearly as bad coming home. I’d anticipated going back to bed once home but I let Nige have it all – because I’m good like that. I watched more trashy Christmas films on TV, ate my breakfast and drank coffee. By the time Nige got up at about 1pm, I was wide awake!

We had to pick up the Standard Life form this afternoon from Pulteney Pharmacy. Whilst in town, we took the opportunity to pop into ‘White Stuff’ in the vague hope of finding the waistcoat Harry wanted – we did! That’s another one done. Good to have the form done too, though I’m not sure why we were charged £35…

As this morning, the drive to the RUH to take Ali to work was awful. So much traffic. We (Ali and I) think it’s the last week of the Christmas Market. That would certainly explain it. I was a little bit late dropping her off but when I fetched her later there didn’t appear to have been a problem. Phew, good job.

That’s all for today… It’s all caught up with me – lack of sleep, lack of Christmas shopping, lack of time to get Christmas shopping… I’m off to bed.



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