My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Friday, 9th


I couldn’t have cared less if Eccles was waking the neighbourhood or snoozing on my feet this morning, I had an awful migraine and my eyes and ears were not winning my attention. Nige took his Temozolomide and then got up to sort out the (apparently) noisy Eccles and find me something for my head – yep, he was popping me with pills for a change! Within half an hour I was up and downing a strong cup of coffee.

Due to the hideous traffic yesterday, I decided to go Widcombe way to the RUH. At least the traffic is controlled by lights and so it does move easily. Yesterday I felt I was taking our lives in my hands, nosing into queues a kazillion miles long… So time-wise; not much in it but stress-wise; much better. Nige looked better going in today and coming out. Not nearly as red or as spotty. I think the swelling has reduced so the mask isn’t quite so tight. We had bloods to do, which opened at 9am – perfect. Whilst he was doing that, I went for a natter with the pharmacist. Nige was concerned about when, exactly, he needed to take the Dexamethasone (steroids) and I wanted to ask about bringing in unused medication. So, we’re all good with what we’re doing with the Dex and yes, they’d be happy to take any unused meds. That’s a job for the weekend then!

Home, breakfast, bed (for Nige), crappy TV for me… I only lasted ten minutes before I impulsively pulled on my coat, grabbed my car-keys and headed out again. Mum rang yesterday and spoke to Nige. In order to swap Christmas presents, a plan has been devised. A plan that means everyone is coming here next Saturday. Initially I had a real wobble. I’m not ready; practically or emotionally actually, and the realisation that Christmas is so close is a little overwhelming. But the alternative is much more hard work… So with that in mind, I decided to visit Debenhams to sort out Anoushka, Seb, Jack, Cam and Ben. BOOM, done! *Sigh* I was back home just after 11am. Man, I’m like a Christmas Ninja! Oh, and to top that, Grace’s present was delivered today too.

Gabe started work at 5pm today. As I type, he is still there, pulling pints and collecting empties. I’m watching whatever’s on TV until 1am, when hopefully he’ll ring and I can pick my tired little man up from the fountain. Nige has just gone to bed, with his beautiful tired eyes virtually closed! I think I can hear Ali and Harry nattering upstairs… Aha, family, treasure them, people, they’re truly the best gift you’ll get this Christmas.



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