My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Saturday, 1oth


I finally crawled into bed at 2.30am… Gabe messaged me at about 1.15, but he was that lovely stage of drunkenness, you know what I mean, that will always compel me to engage in conversation. Which we did. Over whiskey… Hence the 2.30 bedtime…

Needless to say, Nige was up before me and woke me up with a strong coffee. Oh God, of all the reasons I love him (and there’s many), this is way up there. He never waivers in his devotion to serving me high levels of caffeine in the morning – especially at the weekend. I’m not daft though, he has an ulterior motive: Morrisons shopping! By the time I surfaced, he’d taken his tablets, got dressed and written out the shopping list. All I had to do was pull on some clothes and drive. Done.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur – well it is now, I’ve just drunk a bottle wine! We had help from Harry and Ali unloading and putting the shopping away. Lunch was followed by a nap by Nige and a naff Christmas film fest by me. When Nige got up he cracked on with a lasagne for dinner, Harry went into town with Sam, followed shortly after by Ali and I wrapped presents. At some point I thought,

‘Hmm, let’s open that bottle of white wine.’

It was as I started on that that Harry rang for a lift back from the fountain. A very good job I hadn’t thought about that bottle an hour earlier…

The lasagne was beautiful. I swear, no one does a white sauce quite like Nige. Last night Gabe was going on about how ‘sad’ his dad seemed. I did tell him that there are many times in the day when we laugh and enjoy ourselves but that he generally sees him when he’s worrying about money, his health and, well, the future of him and Harry… It’s perfectly natural I think. I mean I haven’t stopped worrying about them both since they were born.

‘We need to play more games! It’s been ages, and we’ve got two new card games…’

203c_timeline_card_game_inventionsSo, just after 8pm we all gathered together to play Timeline – Inventions. It’s right up my street, not that I’m good at history but I’m interested… I did win, so maybe I do know more than I first thought. We played for over an hour, which was enough for Harry and Ali. Gabe braved Saboteur – a simple, yet brilliant little game where we’re dwarves digging for gold. Again, right up my street!! I’ve missed this; board games with the boys. It signifies normality for me and Nige so really needs to be adhered to.


Right, that’s Saturday done and dusted. Board games definitely distract us both from the shit that is our life at the moment, so look forward to being introduced to more of those this Advent! N’night, hic-cup….




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