My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Sunday, 11th


So my morning started with a bit of a scare. When Nige came back to bed with a headache I asked the usual questions… I checked if he’d taken his Temozolomide,

‘No, I don’t take them over the weekend.’

Well, he does, he should but yesterday he didn’t. I felt totally responsible and  couldn’t hide the panic from my voice. I left him in bed, rushed downstairs to search through all my paperwork in an attempt to find a telephone number to call. Aha, Chemotherapy Helpline.


‘Please don’t worry Mrs Lee. We’ll pass it on to his team. If his headache gets worse then call me back. Everything will be fine though.’

Tears again. All over my crumpets…

I reheated my coffee – for the second time – and proceeded to procrastinate. I have a book group book to finish, but I’m struggling. There’s a lot in there about losing your soulmate, dealing with the loneliness and moving on… all a bit close to the knuckle at the moment. I’ll persevere though. Ali offered a welcome distraction in the form of old family snaps! She put them on her Facebook page. So beautiful, I love looking at old pictures and I think she’s a little homesick so reminiscing definitely helps. It’s a massive thing, to move away from your family, into one that’s facing an uncertain future. Yet she’s fallen into step with us all, offering each of us a welcome distraction from everything else. Like Gabe said,

‘She just fits right in, doesn’t she?’

I’m quite blessed when it comes to Harry and Gabe’s girlfriends; both Ali and Lois are pretty adorable. That’s why they fit right in!

So other than procrastinate, I did little else. Gabe went to Lo’s but with a twist. Just as he was getting ready he got asked if he could work at 8pm. He said yes. So I got him to Winsley for about 5.30, came back, ate dinner (cooked beautifully by Nige) and then went back for him at 7.30. He got to work in plenty of time, despite the heavy mist that descended upon us, causing me to drive an awful lot slower than usual.

I spent the rest of the evening much like I spent the day; on the sofa, watching TV. I got back from dropping Gabe off just in time to see Claudia and AJ leave Strictly Come Dancing – sad, I loved the two of them. Next up was The Lone Ranger, with Johnny Depp. I know it has it’s haters but I liked it. Once I’d Wiki’d it to find out just what the hell was going on…





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