My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Monday, 12th


No me-owing from Eccles on this, the morning of the beginning of week five in the world of radiology. Yes folks, we are heading into the third trimester… We were late being seen though, so the celebration ended there. Whilst Nige was being zapped, I was chatting to the nurse. She asked about Nige’s headaches and what dose of steroids he’s on. I mentioned the missed Temozolomide and she disappeared to talk to Dr Beresford. I got a few interested looks from the others in the waiting room – celebrity status at last! She returned before Nige was finished with news that his steroids can be doubled. Yay, I did think we should’ve done that a week or so ago.

After breakfast there was no nap for Nige. Nope, he stayed with me the whole day and I loved it. We went over to Leekes in Melksham, where I got mum and dad sorted for Chrimble, then Aldi, for wrapping paper and Sellotape. Honestly, it sounds like so little but to be doing it all with my man was priceless. I drove home through the rain, stopping off at the doctors to pick up my prescription and make an appointment for tomorrow. We got home to the delightful smell of Banana Loaf cooking. Harry and Ali had been busy again… yum! I took Ali to work before it was done though, leaving Harry to take it out of the oven.

Tonight was our Book Group meal. We went to the Green Park Brasserie and sat in the library part. Unfortunately, due to ill health, Marianne couldn’t make it. I almost cried off myself; lack of oomph, things to wear, everything. I didn’t though, I picked up Gabe at 7.15, Ali at 7.30, dropped them off at home at 7.45 and walked into the restaurant at about 8pm. Half an hour late but I made it.

The food was lovely and the company was so wonderful I could’ve wept. They all put together and paid my share of the bill, how about that? You just don’t realise how many people truly care about you, it’s really very enlightening. When the conversation lulled I found myself catching my tears a few times. Missing Nige I think, the Nige of now not the Nige of last year. I miss that Nige most of the time I guess. We all left by 11. I dropped my favourite nurse, Jane, off first and then Rosie. She’s at Combe Down, which is kind of on my way.

Bed now. N’night.

NB   As Gabe struggled downstairs at 10.30am, he declared,

‘Bloody cat, woke me up scratching on my door at 7… Didn’t you, Eccles?! Grrr…’


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