My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Tuesday, 13th


I’m sure Eccles thinks he’s the latest model of alarm clock you know… 6.50 this morning, so I staggered downstairs and put him in the bathroom. Only for a little while, we were up by half past. So, once again, it was the same routine: drugs, dressed, drive. We got there early which meant Nige had his treatment sooner. We were home by 9.15, which gave me plenty of time for a coffee before my doctors appointment just after 10am. Nige came with me so we walked. He needs to walk more and whilst the rain stays away, we can do so without worrying too much about catching colds or whatnot. Dr Standing signed a new sick note for me, for 6 months this time, that’s until June, 2017! Such a long time away from my class, I need to switch off from it all really. There’s nothing to be done, it is what it is and it doesn’t help my equilibrium to keep thinking in circles about letting down my work colleagues, my class by staying away or Nige by visiting to say ‘Hi’ and bringing back a bug to infect him with… And so it goes, round and round. But no more. I think I need to just accept that I cannot be in two places at once – Nige beats work, hands down.

After lunch we were on the move again! DCActiv have invited us both to their Christmas meal on Friday so, with our food choices made, we paid them a visit. I drove this time but only to Bathampton Mill. We walked the rest of the way. Paul and Rob weren’t in but Tom and Steve kept us chatting and made us tea and coffee. Quite an enjoyable hour or so was spent this way.

The rest of the day was pretty chilled; Nige stayed awake again to enjoy it too. Mum rang, and made me cry, made me smile then made me laugh, which is pretty much a mother’s job right? 🙂 She also mentioned that she reads my blog so, hi mum!

After Ali had finished work and dinner had been ate, we all played a game. Harry and Ali worked for days on a ‘Who’s the Famous Person?’ quiz where they’d found 70 pictures of famous people when they were young and Gabe, Nige and I had to guess them. Some of them were really tricky. Of course I won but only because Nige’s memory is damaged and Gabe’s only 21! We finished at about 11 so it was a late viewing of the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead… I think I speak for all fans when I say it was pretty much the finale we wanted.





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