My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Wednesday, 14th


This morning was almost an exact replica of yesterday, with added tiredness. The ‘getting to oncology early’ plan is still working which meant we were home before 9.30. After breakfast and coffee it was me who took a nap, Nige is still nap-free! I didn’t have long though, only an hour. Whilst I snoozed Nige tidied up downstairs. He still has a slight fixation with that and, of course, with Christmas there’s presents, wrapping paper, tags and all sorts of shit hanging around the front room. He’s not quite as stressed out about it but there are the occasional flashes of the pre-surgery Nige. Not nice! Still, while he’s focussing on that he’s not focussing on the other stuff… Which is nice, so it’s swings and roundabouts I guess.

Having got my fit note (ridiculous Tory name for a sick note) yesterday, I needed to get it up to work. I’d have loved nothing more than to take it myself and see the kids, bubbling over with end-of-term Christmas excitement but unfortunately that’s not all they’re bubbling over with – flu germs and tummy bugs tend to be rive at this time of year and, as you all know, we need an illness-free household. So I dropped it through Gemma’s door and she’s kindly agreed to take it in for me. Another important job done. On our way home we called into Lidl for some stocking fillers. Man, it was packed. Where do all the people come from, I wonder… Students, mums, pensioners? Carers for sick husbands? All sorts really, life just being lived.

The house looks organised now, which was refreshing to come home to and Eccles clearly approves as he stayed curled up on the sofa for most of the day, in his Christmas neckerchief. I’m wondering if he’s poorly you know. All the meowing and begging for food, he can’t be that hungry all the time, surely. We’ll all have to keep an eye on him, give him lots of love and cuddles. A bit like we do with Nige actually.

This evening Norah rang. She couldn’t talk for long, she was heading out to a birthday party, but it was great to hear Nige sounding so much more relaxed talking to her. Like I said, swings and roundabouts.




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