My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Thursday, 15th

Foxy Christmas

Aha, Eccles, curled up on the bottom of our bed… Much nicer than putting him out in the bathroom to keep him quiet! I fed him at 7am and returned to bed, for half an hour. Temozolomide at 7.30, then off to Oncology for our 24th treatment. The drive was made sweeter as, before we left, I had an email to say Nige’s EMA had been processed – it’s been paid in! I can’t tell you the relief, knowing that I won’t have to phone the Job Centre again. It’s all thanks to Karen Gough from Macmillan you know, she’s brilliant. All in all, we’ve had some pretty positive stuff happen this week, it’s about time, don’t you think? Before we left the hospital, Nige got some eye drops. His left eye (the side they zap) is continually dry and really irritating him. We tried Optrex but to no avail. Let’s hope this works.

After breakfast and coffee, we set off to Bristol. The saga of Gabriel’s jacket continues: Originally £175 (!), reduced to £88 on the Thursday before Black Friday, only to go up to £125 on Black Friday (grrrr…). Nige, convinced it would go back down, wanted to wait, wait, wait… Oh look, back up to £175! Then yesterday, online, it was back down to £125… Debenhams, you’re playing games with me and I’m not happy! Hence the trip to Bristol. But what do you know? Not a single ‘small’ in stock or online. So I checked, whilst Nige ate a Christmas Turkey Roll.

‘There it is! And they have his size… Ordered. Pick it up from the Bath branch tomorrow.’

We had a lovely day, mooching around the Christmas Market. It was actually quite odd to be in Bristol having not been to a hospital first. But there you go, things move forward, whether you want them to or not.

Quite a lot of driving today, besides the trip to Bristol and back. Oh, and oncology this morning of course.

  • 4:10pm   Take Ali to work (It took 40 minutes to get home – hideous traffic)
  • 5:45pm   Take Gabe down to the fountain
  • 7:10pm   Pick Ali up from work (I left a bit late so was a bit grumpy :/ )
  • 9:50pm   Pick Harry up from work (Got caught in rugby traffic 😦 )
  • 12:15am  Pick Gabe up from the fountain

Phew! Still, it’s time alone in the car, to sing loudly and voice my inner most thoughts to no one in particular… And it punctuates my day so there’s that.




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