My Personal Advent. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Sunday, 18th


‘No, no, no, I’m having a lie in!’ 

I decided, before crawling into bed at 1.30am… I messaged Gabe at 1.15am to see if he’d finished work only to get one back 10 minutes later to say,

‘Eating a kebab with the boss, go to sleep I’ll walk home 🙂 ‘

Obviously I stayed awake until I heard him come in, around 2.30. It’s what I do.

Eccles started at about 7, I held out though and in the end Gabe got up to put him in the shower room. Next to get up was……… Nige! Yep, I’d achieved that elusive lie in, and man it was delicious. Nige brought me up a coffee and we both sat a while watching the magpies tease a squirrel – or was it the other way round?

My feet are absolutely killing me, which is causing my knees to ache too. So I prescribed myself a day of ‘staying off my feet’. Bring on lots of mindless game playing on my phone and Facebook shenanigans, with a healthy dose of JustGiving in between. Really? It’s not like I don’t have books to read. It’s a familiar road I’m on and if I can just get my shit together I can steer myself away from that pit of despair I know I’m heading for. I mean, I did at least make dinner!

So, dear people, tomorrow I should be writing about starting yoga. I should mention how much better I feel for doing it and I definitely need to tell you how many pages of my book I’ve read… If I can do that, I’ll avoid that pit. Strange though, I normally get like this after Christmas but I suppose this has been a far from normal year. Please bear with me, Nige generally ‘kicks me into touch’ but, well like I said, not a normal year.

Lois came round today, which brightened it up and I’m up to £45 on my JustGiving page! Which is here, if anyone fancies making a contribution…


So, I’m now going to finish the Sloe Gin mum made and then hobble upstairs to my man, who’s snoring away as I type.






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